General Motors Settlement

The Arizona Attorney General and General Motors LLC (GM) reached a settlement in March 2018 regarding certain GM vehicles that were recalled in 2014. Arizona residents who purchased an eligible new or certified pre-owned GM vehicle from a GM dealer located in Arizona between July 10, 2009 and July 10, 2014, and did not resell the vehicle before the announcement of the involved recall may be an “Eligible Consumer.” Read the full Consent Judgment.

If you received a Consumer Release, you were identified as a possible Eligible Consumer in the settlement. The estimated payment amount under the settlement is a minimum of $200.

You must sign and return the Consumer Release to the Claims Administrator Analytics Consulting no later than January 9, 2019 to receive a payment under the settlement.

For more information, consumers can contact the Claims Administrator toll free at 1-866-425-5214 or by email at

Contact Information

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