Arizona's Not Buying It


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The Arizona Attorney General’s Underage Sex-Trafficking Coalition was formed in 2011 to raise public awareness, educate the community and advocate to strengthen local, regional, state and federal laws relating to human trafficking.

One of the ways the AGO impacts this crime is by following the money trail. Our youth are victimized by abusers who sell their “victims” for financial gain.

These child victims come from every socio economic background not just from poverty-stricken areas. 

The Attorney General is working to raise awareness of the force, fraud, and coercion that is an integral part of sexual exploitation. Traffickers who prey on our children are masters of deception who target children online and in public places. Children who are most vulnerable are those without adult supervision.

The Attorney General is coordinating strategies to stop human Trafficking, train law enforcement, and creating awareness to improve overall public safety. By acknowledging the correlation between trafficking and people coming to Arizona for conventions and sporting events, we can begin to combat the sexual exploitation of our children.