Records of Interest

Beginning April 2019, certain public records that are frequently being requested from the Arizona Attorney General's Office may be found below.

While not all public records that have been requested of this office appear below, General Brnovich recognizes that sometimes topics of interest to the public require more readily available records. Please find a list of frequently sought records below.

Should you need to submit a public records request for other records not found below, please do so by filling out our form.

AG Brnovich Joins Letter to AG Garland RE: Proposed Rule to Change DHS Asylum Decisions
Letter to Rep. Finchem RE: Statements Regarding Evidence Related to Pima County 2020 General Election
Letter to Liz Harris RE: Election 2020 Grassroots Canvass Report
Attorney General Brnovich: Facebook Admits to Aiding Human Smuggling
AZAG Reply Brief in Shinn v. Ramirez
AZAG Request to Secretary of State RE: Voter Registration List Maintenance
AZAG Request to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Recorder’s Office
AG Brnovich Letter to the National Archives RE: Warning Labels
AGO Opening Brief - Arizona School Boards Association v Arizona
AG Brnovich Letter to Senate Subcommittee RE Facebook, Instagram & Mental Health Harms.
Attorney General Brnovich Letter to AG Garland on Critical Race Theory
AGO Motion for Stay Isaacson v Arizona
AGO Notice of Appeal in Isaacson v. Arizona
AGO Letter to Sen. Townsend re Audit 1487 Request
AGO Notice of Appeal in ASBA v Arizona
AGO Response in Paul Isaacson v. Arizona
AG Brnovich Letter to Secretary Cardona
States' Amici Curiae RE: Remain in Mexico Policy
AG Brnovich Letter to President Biden RE: Border Security
AG Brnovich Letter to U.S. Representatives RE: H.R. 4
Opening Brief RE: Arizona v. Yellen
AZ Joins Coalition Supporting TX/MO Challenge to Revocation of MPP
Motion for Reconsideration at Ninth Circuit Arizona v. DHS
AGO Letter to City of Phoenix Manager
AG Brnovich Letter to President Biden Replace DHS Secretary
AGO Letter to Litchfield Elementary School District – Open Meeting
States' amicus brief RE: BRWC v. Tennessee
AG Brnovich Letter to Secretary Mayorkas
AGO Amicus Brief RE: Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization
Notice of Appeal RE: Arizona v. Yellen
Letter to President Biden RE: Title 42
Letter to Sens. Sinema & Kelly RE: Mr. Chipman nomination
Letter RE: Administrative Action Related to Bostock v. Clayton County
AG Letter to Biden RE: Door-to-door vaccination visits
Dunn v. Reeves
AG Brnovich Letter to Facebook
AG Brnovich Letter to Georgia AG Christopher Carr
AG Brnovich Amicus Briefs RE: Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid
Public Charge Intervention Cert Petition
Amicus Brief in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia
Arizona AG Brnovich Letter to Attorney General Garland
AG Brnovich Letter to President Biden RE: Border Crisis
AG Letter to Sens. Sinema and Kelly RE: Border Security Recommendations
Letter to DHS Sec. Mayorkas and Acting Director Johnson
Complaint RE: Estrada
AG Opinion RE: Arizona v. Cruz
AG Letter to Brian C. Lake, David M. Neff, Randy Nussbaum, and Philip R. Rudd
State Attorneys General Letter to US Senate RE: David Chipman confirmation
Amicus Brief in Noem v. Haaland
Order RE: Scheduling for Frank Atwood and Clarence Dixon
ABOR Property Tax AZSC Petition for Review
Updated Redacted Google Complaint
Letter to Department of Education RE: Comments on Proposed Priorities – American History and Civics Education Docket
AGO Motion to Intervene to Defend MPP
Reply to Motion RE: State of Arizona v. City and County of San Francisco
Letter to President RE: Pipeline
AGO Petition RE: Shinn v. Ramirez
AG Brnovich Letter to President Biden
Letter to Facebook RE Instagram for children under age 13
Arizona v. Yellen_motion
Arizona v. Miller
AGO Amicus Brief RE: Arizona v Patel
AZ v. DHS Discovery Files
State Reply to Atwood RE: Motion to Set Briefing Schedule for Motion for Warrant of Execution
State Reply to Dixon RE: Motion to Set Briefing Schedule for Motion for Warrant of Execution
2021-04-23 Response to Secretary Hobbs
AZAG Letter to Sens Sinema and Kelly RE: Supreme Court Expansion
AGO Amicus Brief Re: Foundation v. California
AG Letter to Pima County Attorney re: death penalty
Letter to Gov. Ducey RE-Arizona Border
Brnovich letter to Xavier Becerra
Letter to Sen. Ugenti-Rita Re Pima County Mask Mandate
Pima County Attorney letter to AZAG RE: Death Penalty
AZAG Brnovich Border Letter to VP Harris
Declaration and Motion for Preliminary Injuction RE: Arizona v Yellen
AGO Reply Brief in Arizona v DHS
AGO Amicus Brief Re: NCAA v Alston
Yellen Letter Re: ARPA
Letter to Sens. Sinema & Kelly RE: H.R. 1
AGO Letter to DOC Execution Readiness
AGO Amicus Brief Planned Parenthood v Center for Medical Progress
Biden DOJ Filing in Brnovich v DNC
Objection to the Reported Cancelation of Operation Talon
Aguila v Ducey_ AGO_AZ Supreme Court Amicus
AG Opinion Kavanagh RE: Emergency Powers of the Governor, Counties, and Municipalities
Brnovich v. DNC Reply Brief for State Petitioners
State v. ABOR (Property Tax) – Notice of Supplemental Authority
Complaint RE: AGO v. DHS
Letter to DHS RE: Arizona MOU
AZAG/Missouri AG Amicus Brief New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn v. Corlett
Madison Elementary School District 12.29.20 Violation Letter
Maricopa County v Fann_ AGO Amicus Brief
AGO's 2020 Civil Rights Division Report
State v. Google - Reply In Support of Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
AGO Motion for Leave in Texas v Pennsylvania
Brnovich v DNC- States' amicus brief
Brnovich v DNC – Brief of State Petitioners
Brnovich v DNC – Joint Appendix
Arizona Supreme Court ABOR McFate Decision
AZAG Amicus Brief Response in Arizona v. City of Tucson 1487
Letter to Pres. Fann & Speaker Bowers RE vote center audits
Letter to Hon. Hickman RE-Hand Count Audit
Maricopa County Response RE Use of Sharpie Brand Markers at Maricopa County Voting Centers
Supreme Court Opinion AZ Public Integrity Alliance v Fontes
Google Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment
Letter About Use of Sharpie Brand Markers at Maricopa County Voting Centers
Google Anderson Declaration in Support of Response to Motion for Summary Judgment
AG Brnovich Letter to Gov Ducey RE: Compound Pharmacist_10_27_20
AGO Letter to Law Enforcement on Election Security
AGO Objection Mi Familia Vota v Hobbs
AGO Supplemental Brief Aguila v Ducey
AG’s Emergency Motion to Intervene Mi Familia Vota v. Hobbs
Arizona Democratic Party v Hobbs 9th Circuit Stay Granted
AGO Motion to Reconsider Fontes v Hobbs
AG’s Emergency Motion for Administrative Stay Mi Familia Vota v. Hobbs
State v Google Motion to Dismiss
AGO Counterclaim Fontes v Hobbs
AGO Special Action and Injunctive Relief Fontes v Hobbs
Letter to MCRO Fontes Virtual Voting
Goldwater Letter Regarding Lobbying Registration Violation
Goldwater Lobbying Registration Notice of Violation
AZAG AZ Supreme Court Amicus Brief in AzPIA v Fontes
State v. ABOR (Property Tax) – Reply Brief
AGO Brief in Aguila v Ducey
Motion for Leave to File Amicus Brief
AG Amicus Brief AZ Pub Integrity Alliance v. Fontes
Cease and Desist Letter RE: Unlawful “Ballot Retrieval Services” to Arizona Organizations
State v. Google Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
State v. Google – Separate Statement of Facts for MSJ
State v. Google – Redacted Response to Google’s Motion to Dismiss
State v. Google – Redacted Complaint 8-21-2020
State v. Google - Notice of Filing Exhibits
AG Brnovich Letter to Ducey Re: Death Penalty
AGO Response to SOS RE: Props 209 and 210
AG Brnovich Approval of 2020 Ballot Language
Response to SOS-Request for EIU Investigation
2020 Approved Ballot Language_Prop 207_Prop 208_Prop 209
AZAG Google Street View Amicus
2020 Prop 209 Second Chances Ballot Language - Track Changes
2020 Ballot Initiatives – Revised Ballot Language – Memo from SOS
2020 Prop 210 SOS Suggested Revised Language
Letter to SOS RE: Prop 210 Ballot Language
Response to SOS RE: 2020 AGO Approved Ballot Language
SOS Response to AGO RE: 2020 Ballot Language
Superior Court Decision in Google Motion to Seal Case
Cease and Desist Letter to Sonora Quest RE: Testing Times
2020 Ballot Initiatives – Ballot Language
State v. Google – State’s Status Report
AG Brnovich’s SCOTUS Reply Brief in Brnovich v. DNC
Letter from 27 Scholars, Practitioners, and Advocates re Unsealing Google Complaint
Letter from Congressman Biggs re Unsealing Google Complaint
State’s Response to Google’s Motion for Continuance
State v. Google – Google’s Motion for Continuance
1487 Investigation Report: Does Tucson’s election ordinance violate A.R.S. 16-204.01
State v. Google - Notice of Lodging Unredacted Complaint and Exhibits
Google Lawsuit - Google's Motion to Dismiss
Follow-up letter to Governor Ducey RE: lethal injection drugs
Brnovich v. ABOR Appeal as Filed_Omni tax case
AZAG Motion to Dismiss in State of Arizona v Exponential Fitness
Child and Family Advocacy Center Fund RFGA_AG21-0005
Cease and Desist Letter to Varsity Tavern
Bruer - Motion for Summary Judgment and Response
AZ Democratic Party v Hobbs Motion to Intervene
Complete Dismissal of AZ Attorneys for Criminal Justice Lawsuit
AG Brnovich & Coalition Files Third Antirust Lawsuit Regarding Generic Drug Industry
Brnovich v. DNC United States Senators led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz Amicus Brief
Brnovich v. DNC Maricopa County Amicus Brief
Brnovich v. DNC State Secretaries of State led by Kentucky SOS Michael Adams Amicus Brief
AG Brnovich Letter to Elected Officials RE: De-Escalation Training, Police Shootings, & Outreach
Brnovich v. DNC Gov. Ducey, President Fann, and House Speaker Bowers Amicus Brief
Brnovich v. DNC Former Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell Amicus Brief
Brnovich v. DNC: State Attorneys General led by OHIO AG Dave Yost Amicus Brief
AG Brnovich Lawsuit Against Google Over Deceptive and Unfair Location Tracking
Google Lawsuit Exhibits
Letter to President Fann RE: First Responder Workers’ Compensation COVID-19 Presumption
Letter to Gov Ducey RE: First Responder Workers’ Compensation COVID-19 Presumption
Letter to Speaker Bowers RE: First Responder Workers’ Compensation COVID-19 Presumption
AG Brnovich Amicus in Lohr v. Bolick
Brnovich v. DNC Supreme Court Petition for Cert
AZAG Letter to Ticketmaster RE: Refunds for Cancelled or Postponed Events COVID-19 Crisis
AG Brnovich Letter to ABOR RE: COVID-19 Legal Opinion
ABOR Tuition Response to Amici
Law Professor Amicus Brief in Support of Lawsuit Against ABOR
Current and Former AG Brief in Support of Lawsuit Against ABOR
James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal Brief in Support of Lawsuit Against ABOR
Letter to Financial and Lending Institutions Serving Arizonans
State of AZ v. ABOR Tuition Supplemental Brief
AG Brnovich Files Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Illegal Mailing of Ballots
State’s Reply in Supreme Court Petition for Special Action RE: City of Phoenix Rideshare
AGO Dismissal of AZ Attorneys for Criminal Justice Lawsuit
SCOTUS Upholds Death Penalty in McKinney v. Arizona
42 State Attorneys General Support Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2019
Letter to Bullhead City Council RE: alleged us of city resources to influence an election
Ninth Circuit Grants Stay in DNC v. Hobbs
AGO Filed Stay with Ninth Circuit in DNC v Hobbs
Arizona Leads 14-State Coalition in Defense of Religious Liberty
Letter to U.S. Attorney M. Bailey RE: ADE and ESA Disclosure
Notice of Supplemental Authority Regarding City of Phoenix Rideshare Fee
Letter to Senators McSally and Sinema from Attorney General Brnovich RE: Reject Articles of Impeachment
1487 Investigation Report: Whether City of Phoenix Ordinance G-6650 Violates Article IX, § 25 of AZ Constitution
9th Circuit Opinion on First Amendment Coalition v. Ryan
Letter from Industrial Commission of Arizona Director James Ashley RE: A.R.S. §§ 23-901.01 and 23-1105
Report Regarding Sedona’s Tourism Promotion Agreement With Chamber Of Commerce
Letter to Bullhead City RE: Alleged use of City Resources to Influence an Election
Brackeen v. Berhard (ICWA) - 5th Circuit Decision
Letter to Governor Ducey from Attorney General Brnovich Re: Death Penalty
Letter to Cathleen Dooley RE: Perry High School inquiry
Proposed T-Mobile U.S., Inc. and Sprint Corporation Merger
State of AZ ex rel. ADEQ v Johnson Utilities, LLC, et al
ABOR Omni Lawsuit - Response to the MTD on Gift Clause
SOS Clodfelter Lobbying Ban Referral
George Johnson Threat Allegations Investigation
Corrective Letter to League of Cities & Towns re: First Responders Healthcare
Corrective Letter to City of Phx re: First Responders Healthcare
Perry High School Letter
Letter to League of Cities & Towns re: First Responders Healthcare
Letter to Legislature re: Equality Arizona et al. v. Hoffman et al.
Perry High School Response to AGO
Email to Legislature re: HB 2523 (Applicability of VPA)