Recorded Webinars

Our team is accustomed to traveling statewide and speaking to thousands of Arizonans annually. However, during our current situation, we have adapted to meet the majority of Arizonans where they are: at home.

In addition to scheduling live webinars our team has recorded all of our presentations so that students, teachers, parents, and others can learn about these important topics when it is convenient.

If you are interested in watching a recorded presentation, click on the title of the presentation and enter the corresponding password listed under “Access”.

Please note that it can take anywhere from 5 – 30 seconds before the presentation will begin.

If you have any questions about the topics please contact us at 602-542-2123 or

For information on each presentation please check out our fliers for descriptions and recommended age groups.

Student Flyer
Parent Flyer
Senior Flyer

Student Presentations
Adult Presentations
Internet Safety -  Grades 4-6
Password - CyberSafe46
Consumer Scams Including COVID-19
Password - StopFraud2020
Internet Safety – Grades 7-8
Password - CyberSafe78
Internet Safety for Parents 
Password - CyberSafe2020
Internet Safety – Grades 9-12
Password - CyberSafe912
E-Cig for Parents
Password - StopVaping2020
E-Cigarette Awareness - Grades 7-12
Password – StopVaping712
Suicide Prevention for Parents
Password - ChooseLife2020
Suicide Prevention – Grades 7-12
Password - ChooseLife712
Anti-Bullying for Parents
Password - Empathy2020
Anti Bullying – Grades 4-6
Password - Empathy46
Human Trafficking for Parents
Password - BeAware2020
Anti Bullying – Grades 7-12
Password:  Empathy712
Human Trafficking – Grades 7-12
Password - BeAware712
Life Care Planning
Password - PlanAhead2020
Young Consumer Guide - Grades 11-12 
Password – StopFraud1112

Student Flyer
Parent Flyer
Presentaciones En Español
Seguridad en la Internet para Padres
Contraseña - Prevenir2020
Tráfico de Personas para Padres
Contraseña - Prevenir2020