Attorney General Goddard Reminds Consumers that Qwest Refund Deadline Is Approaching

(Phoenix – August 28, 2003)  Attorney General Terry Goddard issued a reminder today that the clock is ticking for consumers who have a claim against Qwest Corporation and Qwest Wireless. The Attorney General’s Office settled a major consumer case with Qwest last month for business practices that deceptively charged their customers. The settlement includes a credit or refund of those unauthorized charges to customers who were victims of the deceptive practices between May of 2001 and July 7, 2003. The State was also awarded $3.75 million to cover the costs of the suit. 

 “Our settlement will make Qwest a much more consumer friendly company. That’s good for Arizona consumers, but this office fought hard so that those consumers who were victims of Qwest’s deceptive practices could apply for a refund or credit. In order for victims to be compensated, claim forms must be completed and postmarked by October 6, 2003,” said Attorney General Goddard.  

“I understand that some Qwest customers are hesitating because they can’t find their statement or documentation,” said Goddard. “While we must have specifics as to the name of the product or package and the approximate dates involved, we don’t necessarily need a copy of a billing statement. The best thing for consumers to do is to go to our web site and look at the claim form which lists the areas where a refund or credit might be made. If they feel they are eligible, they should file the claim with as many details as they can provide.” 

Complaints must be for residential service. Complaint forms, which must be postmarked by October 6, 2003, should be sent to The Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Information Complaint, 1275 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ  85007.  A complaint form is available in English and Spanish online at Complaints must be about Qwest’s conduct between May 2001 and July 7, 2003.  

Conduct that may warrant a refund or credit includes: 

  • If Qwest billed you for services you did not order or authorize 
  • If Qwest billed you for services after they failed to disclose the terms of wireless service or products 
  • If Qwest billed you for Custom Choice, Popular Choice, Select Pak, Preferred Choice, or Value Choice after Qwest failed to disclose the terms of the package you ordered. 
  • If Qwest billed you more than once for the same goods or services 
  • If Qwest billed you for DSL after they misrepresented the terms or availability of DSL 
  • If Qwest billed you for the Trouble Isolation Charge (TIC) after they failed to disclose the TIC or misrepresented when you would be charged for the TIC 
  • If Qwest billed you for services after they failed to disclose that there were additional costs for wiring and jacks for additional lines 
  • If Qwest billed you for goods or services after you cancelled those goods or services 

Consumers should specify the date when the conduct occurred and the amount of money they were charged.