Goddard Statement on Do Not Call Ruling

(Phoenix, AZ— September 24, 2003)  Today’s District Court ruling in Oklahoma to block the Do Not Call registry is the equivalent of slamming down the phone on 900,000 Arizona consumers who registered on the federal Do Not Call lists. 

Some states have their own Do Not Call registries.  However, Arizona’s list is tied directly to the federal list.  Because of today’s ruling, our state list is now in limbo. 

I am very disappointed that the powerful telephone solicitation lobby has won this round in the battle to block unwanted telemarketing calls.  However, I am confident this ruling will be appealed to and overturned by the Tenth Circuit.  Arizona will join in that fight.  In addition, I have contacted Arizona’s congressional delegation to encourage them to make the legislative changes needed to assure that the Do Not Call Registry can go into effect as planned. 

Approximately 50 million Americans – including Arizonans – sent a strong message to telemarketers when they signed up for the Do Not Call Registry. 

Arizona consumers have spoken.  I will fight to ensure that their message is heard in court and in Congress.