Haro Sentenced to 4 Life Terms for Involvement in Drug Ring

(Phoenix, AZ—September 10, 2003) Convicted Yuma drug dealer Noel Haro was sentenced to two 20-year sentences and four concurrent life sentences yesterday after a jury found Haro to be a “serious drug offender.” 

Haro was also sentenced to 12 years on 11 other drug-related charges, and ordered to pay nearly $1.5M for investigation and prosecution costs and fines. 

Haro, 28, was one of 50 individuals indicted after a three-year investigation into a major drug ring in the Yuma area and was the first to be sentenced.  He was indicted on 17 counts involving selling or transferring cocaine and marijuana, and money laundering in Jan. 2002. 

The sentencing was the close of a long effort by U.S. Customs, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Southwest Border Initiative and the Attorney General’s Office who prosecuted the case.  

“There is no question that this sentence sends the right message—those responsible for bringing drugs to our streets will be severely punished,” said Attorney General Terry Goddard. 

Assistant Attorney General Billie Rosen prosecuted the case for the Attorney General’s Office, with assistance by Assistant Attorney General Kristen Hoffmeyer.