Statement by Attorney General Tom Horne Regarding DOJ Filing Lawsuit Against Colorado City

“Finding a solution to the illegal activities that have been occurring in Colorado city for decades has been one of my highest priorities since taking office as Arizona’s Attorney General. I proposed legislation last year that would have eliminated the ability of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) to control and direct law enforcement officers employed by the Colorado City Marshal's office. Sadly, our legislature chose not to pass our Bill. 

I remain committed to stopping the illegal conduct perpetrated by the FLDS church on non-church members. I will continue to use the resources of my office to ensure that all residents of Arizona are treated fairly and equally under the law. 

Two weeks ago, the AG’s office announced that it will provide $420,000 to the Mohave County Sheriff office for overtime pay so that its officers could patrol Colorado City 16 hours per day. The hours will be staggered. The presence of the Sheriff’s Office will help prevent wrongdoers from infringing on the rights of innocent citizens of Colorado City. 

I am very pleased that the US DOJ has taken legal action to join us in this fight. I have offered the support of my office in pursuing this case and look forward to justice being served.”

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