Terry Goddard and Mark Shurtleff Request Applicants to Serve As New Trustees for United Effort Plan Trust

(Phoenix, Ariz. – July 1, 2005)  Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard and Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff issued an official notification for all residents in Colorado City/Hildale area who live or work on property held by the United Effort Plan Trust that may be eligible to serve as a trustee or to propose others to serve as trustees.  

The Utah Court issued an order on June 22 finding that there was enough evidence to remove the current UEP trustees and suspend activities of the trust until new trustees are appointed.

A hearing will be held on July 21 before Judge Constantino “Deno” Himonas to either appoint new trustees or establish a procedure to follow in the appointment of new trustees.  The following people have already indicated their interest in serving as trustees:  Lee Van Dam; Rayo S. Johnson; Carolyn Jessop; Winston Blackmore; Don Timpson; Roger Williams; Margaret Cooke; Richard L. Holm; Merrill J. Harker and George R. Hammon.

Any person interested in serving as a trustee or in nominating new trustees will need to file an interested-party petition with the Utah 3rd Judicial District Court at least 10 days prior to the hearing.  

For more information, please visit the Arizona Attorney General’s Web site at www.azag.gov to see the Court order and official notice.