Scam Alert – Beware of Phony Charities

(Phoenix, Ariz.) As the holiday season approaches, Attorney General Terry Goddard reminded Arizonans to be cautious when donating, especially to telephone solicitations. Some phone solicitations which say they are calling for a charity are outright scams.

“At the holidays, people want to donate to a good cause,” Goddard said. “Please be careful so that your contributions really benefit the people and organizations you intend help.”

Watch for the following warning signs that the charity might not be legitimate:

Attorney General Goddard Announces Refund to Home Sellers Victimized by Eckerman and His Entities

(Phoenix, AZ—November 14, 2003) Pursuant to a bankruptcy settlement, the State of Arizona was able to secure funds from Michael Eckerman for consumer refunds.  The funds represent a portion of the monies Michael Eckerman received through purchasing homes from Arizona residents.  Individuals who sold their homes, or entered into related contracts with Michael Eckerman, or one of his entities, may be entitled to some portion of the monies held by the Arizona Office of the Attorney General.

Scam Alert: “Wrong Number” Scam is Back

(Phoenix, Ariz. – November 1, 2004)  The “wrong number” telephone stock scam is once again surfacing around the country, Attorney General Terry Goddard warned Arizona consumers. The “wrong number” telephone stock scam uses phone answering machines and voice messaging services to provide phony stock tips. Consumers need to be extra careful when receiving unsolicited stock information. 

Bullhead City Pharmacist Indicted for Redirecting Prescription Drugs for Personal Use (Indictment)

(Phoenix, Ariz. – November 16, 2004)  A Bullhead City pharmacist pled not guilty in Mohave County Superior Court to charges of fraud for allegedly diverting prescription drugs and fraudulently billing insurance companies.  

The State Grand Jury recently indicted Howard Jones of Bullhead City on charges of Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices, Theft and Acquisition of a Narcotic Drug. Jones’ next court date is scheduled for December 6 at 10 a.m. in Mohave County Superior Court.

Goddard Legal Opinion Provides Guidance for State Employees on How to Enforce Proposition 200

(Phoenix, Ariz.) Attorney General Terry Goddard today released a legal opinion making clear what state programs are covered by Proposition 200, which was adopted by Arizona voters on November 2.

A state agency requested the Opinion to clarify what "state and local public benefits" are subject to Proposition 200. The Opinion provides guidance to State employees who will be required to enforce the new law.

Attorney General Halts Phony School

(Phoenix, Ariz. – November 4, 2004)  Attorney General Terry Goddard announced today that his office secured a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Daniel Gossai, the owner of California Alternative High School, which claims to provide “a high school diploma” to participants in a 10-week program.

Gossai allegedly targets primarily non-English speakers with little formal education.  He allegedly charged participants for a 10-week course with class materials comprised of a 54 page workbook with many typographical and factual errors throughout the manual.