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Statement by Attorney General Tom Horne

“I want to thank the Fiesta Bowl Special Committee, chaired by former Chief Justice Ruth McGregor , for its independent investigation regarding certain allegations about the Fiesta Bowl and past and present employees of the Fiesta Bowl.   The Fiesta Bowl Board deserves great credit for allowing the special committee full access to employees and documents so that it could prepare a comprehensive report.  That report has been presented to our office and will assist us in the ongoing investigation of this matter."

Attorney General Tom Horne Announces Settlement Agreement with Quik Cash Financial Services

PHOENIX (Tuesday March 8, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne announced today a consent judgment against Quik Cash Financial Services to pay up to $170,000 in restitution to “eligible consumers” that were victims of consumer fraud.  Quik Cash was a pay day lender which operated in most Arizona counties.

Attorney General Tom Horne Announces Complaint for Injunction Against Smoke Freely, LLC

PHOENIX (Wednesday March 9, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today filed a complaint in Pima County Superior Court for injunctive relief, restitution and civil penalties against Smoke Freely, LLC, an Arizona limited liability corporation.  Smoke Freely offers Prado Electronic Cigarettes (“Prado E-Cig”) for sale. An Electronic Cigarette or “E-Cig” is a battery-powered device that can provide inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized solution. Professional Marketing Associates, Inc.

Horne Announces $2.1 Million Pharmaceutical Payout; Largest to Date

PHOENIX (Thursday, March 10, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today announced Arizona has received the largest-ever pharmaceutical payout in Arizona history - nearly $2.1 million - as part of the largest-ever multi-state consumer protection-based pharmaceutical settlement.

Horne stated:  “This settlement sends a powerful message to drug companies that deceptive practices will not be tolerated.  The health and safety of consumers is vitally important, especially where medications are necessary for the well-being of the patient.”

Attorney General Tom Horne Reminds Consumers to be Aware of Deceptive Mailers

PHOENIX (Friday March 11, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne is warning Arizona consumers to be wary of advertisements and solicitations appearing in mailboxes or at homeowners’ front doors.  Many solicitations appear to be an official notification, although the sender has no affiliation with any government agency.  These mailers offer to provide services that are required by a governmental entity or services that will save the consumer money.  Most often, those offers simply are “too good to be true” and should be avoided.

Horne Announces Medical Doctor Surrenders License, Pays $700,000 Restitution for Prescription Drugs-Money Laundering Scam

PHOENIX (Friday March 11, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today announced that Albert Yeh, a medical doctor who practiced in Golden Valley, Arizona has surrendered his medical license in both Arizona and Nevada and will pay nearly $700,000 in restitution for his orchestration of a prescription drug and money laundering scheme.