Attorney General Tom Horne Attacks the National Labor Relations Board for Undermining the Most Fundamental Principal of Republican Representative Government; Secret Elections

PHOENIX (Monday, January 31, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne says Arizona will not give in to an ultimatum from the National Labor Relations Board that threatens the voter-approved protection of the secret ballot in union elections.

Horne is releasing a response to an NRLB letter that demands that Arizona and three other states stipulate that the so-called “Card Check” referendum, approved by voters in 2010, is unconstitutional.

Horne to Recommend Taxation of Medical Marijuana

Phoenix (Wednesday January 26, 2011) - Attorney General Tom Horne today announced that he is recommending to the Arizona Department of Revenue that medical marijuana, made legal in a recent initiative, be taxed by the State.

Horne stated, "I was opposed to the medical marijuana initiative during the 2010 election, but it was passed by the voters and the issue now presented is whether it should be taxed under existing law."

New Era at Attorney General's Office as Horne Officially Joins State Effort to Defend SB 1070 Against Obama Administration Legal Challenge

PHOENIX (Wednesday January 20, 2011) - Attorney General Tom Horne today announced his office has filed an appearance in U.S. v. Arizona, the Obama administration’s federal court challenge to S.B. 1070.  Attorney General Horne is appearing as counsel for the State of Arizona and will work with Governor Brewer’s counsel, who have been defending the Governor and the State in numerous federal court lawsuits challenging S.B. 1070.

Attorney General Horne to Join Multi-State Effort to Challenge the Obama Health Care Law in Court

PHOENIX (Tuesday January 18, 2011) - Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne today announced that his office will join Governor Brewer and several other states in challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care plan. The State of Arizona through Governor Brewer initially joined the suit last May. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Florida and includes twenty states. Several additional states will file to join the suit today.

Consumer Advisory: Tom Horne Warns Consumers to Watch out for Bogus Solicitations from "Title Compliance"

(Phoenix, Ariz. - January 14, 2011)  Attorney General Tom Horne is warning Arizona consumers to watch out for solicitations from a company called "Title Compliance, Records Retrieval Division."  The official looking solicitation offers to obtain a certified copy of the property owners' deed, advising that a "current copy" should be obtained "due to property foreclosures and loan modifications in your county."  

Statements by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Regarding Congresswoman Giffords

PHOENIX - I am devastated to hear about the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and others. Gabby served in the Legislature while I served as Superintendent of Public Instruction and we worked together well even though we were of opposite parties. She was very amiable and easy to get along with. The initial responsibility for bringing justice is to local law enforcement, but my liaison Gerald Richard told the Tucson Chief of Police we will do anything to help.

Horne Recruits Experienced Trial Lawyers to Attorney General's Office

(PHOENIX)--Tom Horne, Attorney General Elect, announced today that he has recruited a number of experienced trial lawyers for the Attorney General’s Office.

“To win cases for the people of Arizona, we must recruit experienced trial lawyers who can handle tough cases and can help train less experienced lawyers within the office,” Horne said.

These lawyers include: