Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



Endangered Person Alert

The Arizona Endangered Person Alert system will notify the public when an adult suffering from a significant health problem or a medically-diagnosed disability (such as Alzheimer’s disease) goes missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances. 

The alert is a voluntary collaboration between law enforcement and broadcasters statewide. It employs an existing DPS media notification system and therefore creates no additional costs to state or local agencies.

Endangered Person Alert Criteria


We want to acknowledge the contributions of many individuals and groups from throughout Arizona who served on the steering committee for the Arizona Endangered Person Alert:

Kathleen Winn, Arizona Attorney General’s Office
Art Brooks, Arizona Broadcasters Association

David Azuelo, Tucson Police Department 
Mary Beals-Luedtka, NACOG Area Agency on Aging 
Bob Brown, Office of the Pinal County Attorney
Kristina Buckwalter, FAX NET 1
Bryan Chapman, Phoenix Police Department
Will Duff, Arizona Department of Public Safety
John Evans, Arizona Attorney General's Office
Ted Evertsen, Arizona Attorney General's Office
Jami Goldman, Alzheimer's Association
Mario Gonzales, Adult Protective Services
David Mitchell, AARP
Alan Oppenheim, Arizona Department of Health Services Licensing
Margarita Quihuiz, Mesa Police Department
David Rosenthal, MEAPA – Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance
Jan Strauss, Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police
Ralph Trantor, Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police
Lt. James Warriner, Arizona Department of Public Safety